Update Notes April

Hello! Good to see everyone. Anyway i’m here to tell about the new updates today!

So, first we have Jewel Socketing and Jewel Crafting!

Next, we have some new hairstyles!

The hairstyles are:

A is for effort


Lunch Bell

Pop Quiz

Final Exam

Next, we have a special planter that holds up to 3 plants!

Cool, huh?

Finally, we have Two-One Shot gauntlets:

Baddle Of The Bands

Tanglewood Terror

and much, much more!

See the rest at: https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/update-notes/april2015

Welcome to Wizards Of Wizard101!

Welcome! Welcome! I am Brady Moonshard. In Pirate101 I am Victorius Gabriel Nightingale. Despite the name that literally says “Wizard101” and not Pirate101. But who cares?!?!?! So anyway this a Wizard101 and partially Pirate101. So enjoy my website! 🙂


Brady Moonshard

(the amazing)